The Melton Family in Pictures

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#1 Susan & Squire Melton parents of Julius Melton, May 1931
Susan Hutchins 11/19/1853 to 4/12/1939 and Squire Jackson 4/4/1858 to 4/1/1932, both born in Rutherford, North Carolina. Married about 1883 in Rutherford. Both had funeral services at the Golden Valley Methodist Church in Rutherford Co., NC.

Susan & Squire Melton

Children: #1. Etta Lois 1875 to 1894 #2. William Bratcher, 1884 to 1911 Rutherford, NC. #3. Clamie Lee, 1887 to 1972, Rutherford, NC.  #4. Julius Clayton, 1889 to 1977, Antlers, OK.  #5. John Edwin, 1891 to 1973, Rutherford, NC.  #6. Biddy Emma, 1893 to 1955.  #7. Celia Artie, 1895 to 1959.  #8. Benjamin Thompson, 1900 to 1970, Rutherford, NC. photo courtesy of John P. Melton, information courtesy of Sue Melton Cook and Julia Pope Parker.


Melton Genealogy  From: Sue Melton Cook   and  web site


Julius Clayton Melton  B: 07/24/1889 d: 06/30/1977  NC     and     OK

Nov.29, 1911 Johnson City, TN

Zora Louise Lucas  B: 09/07/1892 d: 03/21/1960  TN     and     OK
Squire Jackson Melton  B: 04/14/1858 d: 04/01/1932  NC     and     NCFeb. 15, 1883

Susan Ann Hutchins  B: 11/19/1853 d: 04/13/1932  NC     and      NC

mother's maiden name is: Hicks

Squire Melton  B: 1813 d: 1859  NC     and      NCNov. 8, 1845Mary Carson Smart  B: 01/19/1822 d:0 8/31/1916  NC     and      NC
Silas (Cyrus) Melton  B: 09/13/1780  d: 08/03/1847  Albemarle, VA     and      NC Apr. 19, 1804Margaret Peggy McCurry  B: Abt. 1784  d: ????  NC     and      NC
John Melton  B: 06/21/1753  d: 05/14/1813  Albemarie, VA and Golden Valley NC 1775Sarah Melton  B: 1749  d: 02/27/1836  Charlotteville, Albemarle, VA and NC
William Melton  B: 12/11/1707 d: 1751 to 1755  Kingston Upon, Thames, Surrey, England     and      Hanover, VAAbout: 1718 to 1720Elizabeth Farr Pharr  B: about 1698 d: about 1751 to 1755  Hanover, VA     and Hanover, VA
Richard Melton  B: 1675 d: 1725  York, VA and St. Paul, Hanover Co., VAJuly 25,  1705 Perquimans, NCOrpha Luten   B: 1688  d: ????Chowan Co., NC   and    ????
Anthony Melton  B: 1638  d: ????Lower Norfolk, VA   and Of York Co., VA1674 Of York, VARachel Shortrike  B: 1640 d: ????  York, VA     and      ????
Thomas Melton  B: 1610 d: ????  VA   and Of Norfolk Co., VA??????????????????
  #2  Zora and Julius Melton 
This picture is a penny post card: Written on the back of picture is Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Melton Asheville, North Carolina  1912. picture courtesy of Leon Huber

Zora Louise Lucas born 9/7/1892 in New Port, TN, died 3/21/1960 in Antlers, OK.  Julius Clayton Melton born 7/24/1889 in Dysartsville, NC, died  6/30/1977 in Antlers, OK.  They were married in Johnson City, TN on November 29, 1911. information courtesty of Sue Melton Cook 

Julius & Zora Melton


#1. Julia Catherine Pope 1912 to 2003 born: Ashville, NC, buried: Cyril, OK,

#2. James Harold Melton 1915 to 1996 born: Silver Creek, Burke, NC, buried: Duncanville, TX,

#3. Minnie Mildred Oliver 1918 to 2008 born: Antlers, OK, buried: Apache, OK,

#4. Esther Elizabeth Huber 1921 born: Antlers, OK,

#5. Ruth Inez Scyrkels 1923 to 1989 born: Antlers, OK, buried Las Cruses, NM, 

#6. John Paul Melton 1926 born: Antlers, Ok,

#7. Jessie Pauline Melton 1929 to 1930 born: Antlers, OK buried: Antlers, OK,

#8. Samuel Emmett Melton 1931 to 2010 born: Antlers, OK, buried: Broken Arrow, OK,

#9. Alvin David Melton 1935 to 1995 born: Antlers, OK, buried: Sacramento, CA.

#3 Zora Lucas Melton age 19
Zora is from Ashland, NC and it is unknown if this picture was taken before or after she and Julius moved to Antlers, Oklahoma. Picture taken in 1911. picture courtesy of John P. Melton. information courtesy of Julia Pope Parker.

  #4 Sisters Three
L to R: Cora Beach from Waynesville, North Carolina, Zora Melton age 55, Antlers, Oklahoma, and Mell Hapson, Johnson City, Tennessee.  Picture taken in 1947. picture courtesy of John P. Melton
#5  Zora and Julius Melton 
Picture taken February 10, 1951. 
picture courtesy of John Paul Melton 

  #6 Julius C. Melton family picture
Men L to R with their age: Julius '71, James '45, John '34, Sam '29, and David '25  Women L to R with their age: Catherine '48, Minnie '42, Esther '39, and Ruth '37.  This picture was taken shortly after the passing of Zora Melton in 1960. 
picture courtesy of John P. Melton
#7 Two of nine children
The house is Julius and Zora Melton's home in Antlers, Oklahoma.  The boy is John Paul age 3, girl is Ruth age 6. Taken December 29, 1929
picture courtesy of John P. Melton
  #8 Minnie Melton Oliver & Charles Oliver
Mildred (Minnie) Oliver '28 and Charles Oliver '26 had been married for two years when this picture was taken. The baby is Robert Huber at one year old. Picture taken 1946 in Antlers, Oklahoma.  picture courtesy of Esther Melton Huber
#9 James Melton and Kids 
L to R with age: Sunny Melton '7, James Melton '36, Nancy Sue Melton '10. Picture taken January 1952 in Dallas, Texas.
picture courtesy of Esther Melton Huber
  #10 The Catherine & Rex Pope children
L to R with age: Julia Pope '6, Wayne Pope '8 in front of a World War II Willis Jeep. Waynesville, North Carolina, May 1947.  picture courtesy of Esther Melton Huber, information courtesty of Julia Pope Parker
#11 Three of the Zora & Julius children
L to R with ages: Ruth '13, Sam '5, John '10. Photo was taken in Antlers, OK.
picture courtesy of John P. Melton
  #12 Jimmy Melton at grave site (click on pic)
This is the grave site of Squire Melton and Mary C. Melton, in Rutherford, North Carolina. They are the grandparents of Julius C. Melton.  Information on headstones is: L to R: Squire Melton 1813 1859. Mary C. wife of Squire Melton, Jan 19, 1822 Aug. 31, 1916. picture courtesy of Juanita Melton and Garry Melton
#13 Catherine and Rex Pope
In their home in Cyril, Oklahoma.  They had been married for forty eight years when Rex passed away. At the time of this picture she was 67 years old and he was 65.  picture courtesy of Leon Huber

#14 Sam Melton's great, great, great grandparents
In North Carolina Sam Melton's family visits their past generations of Meltons.  This is the grave site of John and Sarah Melton they were married in 1775.  John was born on June 21, 1753 in Albemarie, Virginia and passed away on May 14, 1813 in Golden Valley, North Carolina.  Sarah was born in 1749 in Albemarie, Virginia and and passed away on February 27, 1836 in North Carolina. picture courtesy of Juanita Melton and Garry Melton 

#15 Three Generations 
Picture taken in 1954 at Clayton Lake State Park which is about thirty five miles northeast of Antlers, Oklahoma.  L to R with ages: Julius Melton '65, Randy Melton '5, Zora Melton '62, Paula Melton '7, and John Melton '28. 
picture courtesy of John P. Melton
  #16 First Three Kids of Zora and Julius
L to R: Catherine Melton age 6, Minnie Melton age 6 months, and James Melton age 3. Picture taken in 1918.  picture courtesy of Leon Huber

#17 The Esther Melton Huber family
Sitting L to R with age: Esther Melton Huber '39, S. L. "Hap" Huber '44. Standing L to R with age: Leon '19, Robert '15.
 Picture taken July 8, 1960. They lived in Apache, Oklahoma picture courtesy of Esther Melton Huber
  #18 Ruth Melton Scyrkels and family
L to R with age: Gregory Scykels '9 months being held by his mother, Ruth Melton Scykels '33, Sherman Scykels '32, boys standing L to R with age: Louis Scykels '3, and Casey Scykels '6.  They lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico picture coutesy of Esther Melton Huber
#19 Juanita and Sam Melton 
Taking a vacation in Mexico City. 1967 picture courtesy of Juanita Melton

#20 Zora's sister (click on picture to enlarge)
This is a penny post card, it was popular at the time. You have your picture taken and put on one side of the card and a message and address where you wanted it sent would be on the other side.  It was called a penny post card because it only needed a "one cent" U.S. stamp to send it.  It is unknown how much it cost to have the picture made.  This card is from Zora's sister Cora. 

Written on card; "Dear Zora, Well here comes the long looked for card.  How do you like it?  This is a hot summer day here.  This was made in corner of yard.  Cora"

The card was sent from Vanburen, Arkansas on March 21, 1912.  Mrs. J.C. Melton on the card has been inked over, but it can still be seen on the original card, I recreated it in white ink.  Zora's address on card is Box 778, Ashville, North Carolina.  picture couresy of Leon Huber 

#21 Minnie on a Harley 
Written on the back of this picture: Mildred Oliver, January 2, 1961 in California.  Minnie would have been 42 in this picture. photo courtesy of Leon Huber

#22 Aunt Lucy to Miss. Zora
This penny post card was post marked August 20th 1910 at 6:00 p.m. from Vanburen, Arkansas which is a year and three months before Zora and Julius Melton were married.

Written on card: Dear Zora – Sat morning I received your card and was glad to hear from you.  Celia and Erich left last night for home.  They have been spending a two weeks vacation with us -  Lucy Jane and I was up in ms. Mts. a week visiting.  She weighs 40 lbs 7 oz and is doing well now.  Send me Coras address – I want to write her what is she doing?  Visiting or working – Love to your Mama Bro.Jimmie and The other girls.  Yours Aunt Lucy.  

It is unknown who the women are in the picture.  The card was sent to Miss. Zora Lucas in Unicoi, Tennessee. picture courtesy of Leon Huber

#23 Four Melton Sisters, Sept. 1943
L to R: Ruth Melton age 20 will be single for six more years, Catherine Pope age 31 has been married for eight years, Esther Huber age 22 has been married for three years, and Mildred (Minnie) Melton age 25, will be single for one more year. picture courtesy of Leon Huber

  #24 Zora's grandparents
This is the mother and father of Susan Hutchins Melton.  This makes them the grandparents of Zora Lucas Melton, on her mother's side.  He is William Dawson Hutchins born 6/24/1827 died 2/10/1891. She is Biddie Ann Biggerstaff Hutchins. born 11/29/1832 died 11/01/1930.  They were married 10/25/1849. picture courtesy of Leon Huber

 #25 Zora Melton's father James W. Lucas 

picture courtesy of Leon Huber

                  Lucas Genealogy 
    James’s Parents  Alfred & Penelope Lucas         Julia’s Parents  Parrst & Sarah Creech
 James Wilson Lucas             B: Dunn, NC 03/03/1850     D: 06/23/1916     Married:    July22, 1875 Julia Catherine Creech             B: Benson, NC 02/09/1860     D: 05/17/1914
 Children: #1. Ada M. Lucas b: ???? d: 10/05/1935   #2. Cora Lucas b: ???? d: ????   #3. Unella Lucas b: ???? d: ????  #4. Zora Louise Lucas b: 09/07/1892 d: 03/21/1960 information courtesy of Julia Pope Parker

  #26 Three Sisters
L to R: Esther Melton Huber age 35, Minnie Melton Oliver age 38, and Catherine Melton Pope age 45.  July 1957. picture courtesy of Leon Huber 


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